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We help SaaS businesses do what they do best.

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50m+ in Team Sales

30+ Years of Sales Experience

100m+ in Enterprise Sales Experience

B2B Enterprise Sales Coaches

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As strategists, we are the architects of the future, designing the blueprints for success that will guide our business, and the businesses of our customers and constituents towards greatness. We are not simply problem-solvers; we are visionaries, constantly seeking out new opportunities and imagining what is possible.


Our work requires creativity, collaboration, and the ability to think critically and strategically. We are the drivers of change, pushing our business to achieve more, be better, and make a lasting impact. We are serial executors, addicted to the process and the delivery. Together, we will shape the future of our company and leave a legacy of excellence that will be remembered for years to come.

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Sales as a Service

Outsourced Sales Consulting to Sales Leaders with decades of experience & refined sales processes allows your business to thrive without you having to manage the processes & systems that drive value to your business.

Software Implementation

Affinity Sourcing Group has access to a range of SaaS & other Software technologies that we can implement directly into your business. Whether it's tracking daily KPI's, organising deals or simply implementing a CRM buildout, we can do it.

Outsourced VAs

Let us take care of sourcing the most skilled & talented Virtual workers for your business. Ranging from Virtual Assistants, Virtual Sales Staff or even Virtual Sales Leaders trained with Affinity's own processes & sales stack.

Sales Operations

Sales Operations is one of the most important parts of revenue growth & retention. Ensuring that your operations end of the sales process is running with confidence allows the revenue generating side of the business to continually scale without constant management.


CRM Management

Affinity's highly connected network of financial analysts and advisors allows you to address all revenue creating areas of your business and get the key strategies & advice to take your business to the next level.

Organising your business CRM is one of the keys to a successful sales pipeline. Keeping track of opportunities, contacts, deal, lifecycle stages & customer retention allows you to focus on key statistics and opportunities for improvement. 

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